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HOMEMADE MAYONNAISE - Can i eat Homemade mayonnaise pregnant ?

Can we eat Homemade mayonnaise when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Homemade mayonnaise during pregnancy.

Homemade mayonnaise pregnant
Yes but...
To avoid
Information Homemade mayonnaise can be a healthy and delicious alternative to mayonnaise bought in store during pregnancy. However, there are some important considerations to take into account before eating homemade mayonnaise. First, homemade mayonnaise is made from raw eggs. Wind eggs can be a source of salmonella and other bacteria that can cause serious illnesses in pregnant women. Therefore, if you decide to eat homemade mayonnaise, you must be very careful and buy pasteurized eggs to prepare it. This can increase the cost of the recipe, but this is the price to pay for your health and that of your baby. Second, homemade mayonnaise is made from oil, which can be a source of fat. Materials can increase the risk of weight gain during pregnancy. Therefore, you must pay attention to the amount of homemade mayonnaise that you eat and try to limit it to a small portion with each meal. Finally, make sure you always keep homemade mayonnaise in a cool and dark place to avoid any risk of bacterial contamination. In conclusion, with appropriate precautions, homemade mayonnaise can be a safe and tasty food to eat during pregnancy.
Risks Listeriosis, salmonella
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Homemade mayonnaise pregnant
Homemade mayonnaise pregnant

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