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Foods to eat during pregnancy
During pregnancy, many questions arise in the minds of pregnant women and their companions. Can I eat foie gras? I want sushi, is it risky for my baby? Can my little cravings for strawberries give me toxoplasmosis? Most pregnant women learn from their gynecologist that eating certain foods during pregnancy may cause diseases that are harmful to the baby's proper development. However, one is sometimes very poor when, on the point of ordering one's lunch, one wonders if such food contained in the chosen dish presents a risk. If the two most widespread diseases are listeriosis and toxoplasmosis, other pathologies can occur following the ingestion of certain substances (alcohol, liver ...). Because each woman is different, some may be more sensitive to a particular food or even immune to a disease (such as toxoplasmosis). The purpose of the Pregnancy Nutrition website is to help couples and future mothers during pregnancy so that pregnant women can continue to enjoy their meals peacefully without having to take any risk or to remove the food of their choice from their cart at the supermarket. on the pretext that they do not know if the few herbs it contains can endanger their baby. It allows you to have access to a list of over a thousand referenced foods, regularly updated. For optimized efficiency, you can search for a food, a drink, a spice, a dish or even a category of foods (Offal, ....). The site lists the most classic foods to the most exotic. Thus, you will find coriander, shrimp and Danette as well as glutamate, swordfish, aspic, Tonyu or Chawarma (Turkish dish). Hundreds of other foods are referenced. A very simple site to use: Food Pregnancy: a site quickly essential to accompany this moment so important of the life that is waiting for a baby. The site and the iOS and Androide applications are written and kept up to date by an editorial team involved and concerned about the well being of pregnant women. However, all recommendations are indicative and do not replace the advice of a physician. Thus, in case of doubt, the choice was made to apply the precautionary principle and to recommend not to consume the food in question. Even if a particular attention is brought to the information present on the site, errors can be there, that is why the site alimentation-grossesse.com can not be held responsible for any problems related to the use of the site or of its application. Many conferences on nutrition are held in hospitals do not hesitate to go there!