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SUPERIMI - Can i eat Superimi pregnant ?

Can we eat Superimi when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Superimi during pregnancy.

Superimi pregnant
Yes but...
To avoid
Information Yes, you can eat superimi during pregnancy. Surimi is a product of fish commonly consumed consumed for its low fat content and protein content. However, you must always be cautious and check the list of ingredients on the label. You should avoid varieties that contain sauces or other additives. Surimi is a good source of essential protein and nutrients for your developing baby. It is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B12 and iodine, which are all important for healthy pregnancy. However, it does not contain much iron and calcium, which are both important for your baby's healthy development. In general, you can eat superimi during pregnancy, but you should always make sure it is fresh and well cooked. You should avoid consuming it too often or too often because it contains chemicals and additives that can be harmful to your health and that of your baby. In addition, as processed fish often contain higher levels of toxic substances, you should consume it in moderation and always cook the superimi to make it sure to consume.
Risks Listeriosis
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Superimi pregnant
Superimi pregnant

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