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SAUCE - Can i eat Sauce pregnant ?

Can we eat Sauce when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Sauce during pregnancy.

Sauce pregnant
Yes but...
To avoid
Information If you are pregnant, you can eat fish in sauce. However, it is important to make wise choices to ensure your health and that of your baby. It is recommended to limit your consumption of fish to two portions per week and to choose varieties of weak mercury fish, such as salmon, albacore tuna, cod, haddock, tilapia and catfish. Avoid high mercury varieties, such as swordfish, mackerel and shark. You should also avoid smoked fish because it can contain contaminants that are not good for your baby. When you prepare fish in sauce, make sure it is well cooked. Steam preparation is a safe and nutritious choice. Avoid consuming sauces that are made from milk or cream, as they can contain bacteria that are harmful to your baby. You can also consume sauces made from tomato or vinaigrette. In general, you can eat fish in sauce during pregnancy if you make wise food choices and prepare it correctly. Make sure to follow your doctor's food directives and consult your doctor if you have any questions.
Risks Listeriosis
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All these recommendations are given for information only, they can not replace the advice of your doctor
Sauce pregnant
Sauce pregnant

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