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EASTERN PACIFIC BONITIS - Can i eat Eastern Pacific Bonitis pregnant ?

Can we eat Eastern Pacific Bonitis when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Eastern Pacific Bonitis during pregnancy.

Eastern Pacific Bonitis pregnant
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To avoid
Information Bonitis of the eastern Pacific is a fish of good nutritious quality and rich in protein. It is rich in mineral salts and vitamins, in particular vitamins A and D. However, there are health risks associated with the consumption of this type of fish during pregnancy. Bonitis of the eastern Pacific can contain high levels of mercury, which can be harmful to the development fetus. Excessive consumption of this type of fish during pregnancy can cause neurological development problems in baby and long -term health problems. Some doctors advise future mothers not to eat more than one portion per week. Therefore, if you are pregnant, it is best to limit your Eastern Pacific Bonitis consumption. Talk to your doctor to get personalized advice on the quantity and frequency you can eat fish. In general, it is recommended to consume more fatty fish with a low mercury content, such as salmon, herring and white tuna.
Risks Listeriosis
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Eastern Pacific Bonitis pregnant
Eastern Pacific Bonitis pregnant

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