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TIRAMISU - Can i eat Tiramisu pregnant ?

Can we eat Tiramisu when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Tiramisu during pregnancy.

Tiramisu pregnant
Yes but...
To avoid
Information If you are pregnant, you can eat tiramisu during your pregnancy. However, you must be cautious and check the ingredients used. The tiramisu is generally composed of cookies made from flour, mascarpone, coffee, sugar and liqueur. Flour -based cookies and mascarpone generally do not pose a problem for pregnant women because they do not contain dairy products or raw eggs. However, you should avoid coffee because it can increase your risk of premature delivery. In addition, sugar and liqueur can increase your risk of complications during pregnancy. Therefore, if you decide to eat tiramisu during your pregnancy, be sure to replace coffee with water, sugar with a natural sweetener and liquor with an alcohol-free substitute. If you do, you can enjoy while ensuring your health and that of your baby.
Risks salmonellosis, listeriosis
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Tiramisu pregnant
Tiramisu pregnant

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