TARRAGON - Can i eat Tarragon pregnant ?

Can we eat Tarragon when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Tarragon during pregnancy.

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Tarragon is an aromatic herb of the Asteraceae family found in most Eurasian countries and North America. There are no less than 300 varieties of tarragon but the French tarragon is certainly the most popular and most used thanks to its very pronounced aniseed taste.

Tarragon can be used fresh, dried, chopped or ground in various culinary preparations ranging from starters to desserts, especially in typical French dishes. Moreover, it perfectly accompanies many sauces such as: the sauce béarnaise, the tartar sauce or the sauce gribiche... and forms a perfect duet with the mustard and adds a refined touch to the vinaigrette. Source of iron, magnesium and vitamin A, tarragon can also be used in phytotherapy thanks to its stimulating properties for the body.

But, is eating tarragon allowed during pregnancy? Well, yes, tarragon is suitable for the diet of a pregnant woman. Nevertheless, in order to eliminate the risks of toxoplasmosis, it is important to wash it well, especially if it is used fresh.


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tarragon pregnant

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