SMOKED HAM - Can i eat Smoked Ham pregnant ?

Can we eat Smoked Ham when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Smoked Ham during pregnancy.

Smoked Ham
Yes but...
To avoid
Risks Listeriosis, Toxoplasmosis
Information It is not suitable for pregnant women because it not cooked.
All these recommendations are given for information only, they can not replace the advice of your doctor
smoked-ham pregnant

Smoked ham comes from the whole leg of pork. It can be cooked or raw. In Baden-Württemberg in Germany, the raw ham smoked is a specialty. It is often rubbed with various spices and then put to mature in salty water and then smoked over pine wood or spruce. Some French regions are specialized in this deli, particularly in Normandy, Alsace and Corsica. In food, smoked ham can be eaten braised with chicory, squeegee, in a sandwich . Unfortunately for pregnant women, it poses both the risk of toxoplasmosis for non-immune women and listeriosis.

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