SAUCISSON/ FRECH DRIED SAUSAGE - Can i eat Saucisson/ frech Dried Sausage pregnant ?

Can we eat Saucisson/ frech Dried Sausage when you are pregnant? Discover the risks associated with Saucisson/ frech Dried Sausage during pregnancy.

Saucisson/ frech Dried Sausage
Yes but...
To avoid
Risks Listeriosis
Information Is not suitable for pregnant women because it is not cooked.
All these recommendations are given for information only, they can not replace the advice of your doctor
saucisson-frech-dried-sausage pregnant

Dry Saucisson or dry sausage is made from a hash of one or various meats. It is usually made with pork but there are specialties made with donkey, bull, horse , game, etc. After seasoning, the meat is put into a natural casing or not, and the sausage is dried or steamed. It can be smoked, poached or steamed and then cooled in a broth. Among the best known, you can find the chorizo ​​from Spain and the Lyon rosette salami from Italy, etc. Pregnant women who have never contracted toxoplasmosis and are no immune can not eat sausage, it is uncooked. Generally, it may present a risk of listeriosis. You should not eat any sausage during pregnancy.

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